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  Glossary of Trailer Types & Deck Loading Options

Bumper Pull or Tag Trailer Types

BUMPER PULL or TAG trailers are terms used to describe a trailer that is pulled from a ball mounted on a rear bumper or a rear frame mounted receiver hitch.

Gooseneck Trailer types

GOOSENECK trailers refers to the type of hitch, resembles a goose's neck, the ball coupler or king pin mounts to the hitch which is mounted in the truck box and usually bolted to the frame of the towing vehicle.

Pintle Trailer Types

PINTLE trailers refers to the adjustable pintle eye coupler, resembling a ring which

Flatdeck Trailer Types

FLATDECK trailers have the deck over the wheels and have no fenders.

Low Profile Flatdeck Trailer Types

LOW PROFILE trailers are flatdecks with steel checker plate over the wheels to reduce the height of the deck.

Dovetaile Trailer Deck Design

DOVETAIL refers to the trailers deck design. Usually the last few feet of the rear end is sloped down to decrease the clearance needed for "low to the ground" rolling stock.

Pop Up Dovetail Floor Structure Loading Option

POP UP DOVETAIL is an optional collapsible floor structure usually part of a beavertail that folds up or down allowing the entire deck to be a working deck.

Beaver Tail Deck Loading Option

BEAVERTAILS usually come as an option on the heavier deck over the wheels, equipment hauling trailers. BEAVERTAILS are typically 5' in length sloping down, and usually come with FLIP UP RAMPS that fold down for additional 4' to 5' of sloped ramping.

Stand Up Ramps Loading Option

STAND UP RAMPS are popular on construction trailers often used for loading/unloading skid/steer loaders. Ramps stay in an upright position usually held by a removable bracket. Ramp has a stand built on it to help to distribute weight directly to the ground. It adds safety to the loading/unloading procedure.

Slide in Ramps Loading Option

SLIDE IN RAMPS are loading ramps; usually two except for ATV/Snowmobile trailers (one).They slide into holders built underneath the deck and accessed from the side. (Also may be called slide out ramps).

ATV Ramps Loading Option ATV RAMPS are slide in ramps that are accessible from the rear of the trailer.
Mesh Ramps Loading Option MESH RAMPS are 4' high, hinged, removable, steel frame covered by expanded steel mesh.

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