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rv tapes, sealant & roofing

Tapes & Sealants

12-4113Butyl Putty, 1/8” X ¾”, 20’ Roll
46469White UV Patch Kit, 6” X 6”
12-4133Vent Install Kit, 3/4″ X 8”,Incl. Screws & Putty
12-7134Quick Roof Rubber Roof Repair Tape, White
12-7351Eternabond Rubber Roof Repair Tape, 4″ X 50′, White
WQR625White Quick Roof Repair, 6” X 25’ Roll, Aluminum Finish
12-9311Proflex RV White Sealant, Bonds To Most RV Materials, Even Damp, Oily Or Frozen Surfaces
81930Lasalle Bristol XTRM Universal Self-Leveling Sealant, White, Adheres To EDPM, TPO & PVC RV Roofs.
40120Rubber Roof Coat, White, 1 Gallon
40215Silicone Cartridge, Colonial White
48688Sikaflex 715 Roof Sealant
40119Rubber Roof Coat, White, 1 Quart
12-9005Plas-T-Cote Alkyd Fibered, For Metal Roof, Grey Color, Not For Rubber Roofs
12-9010Plas-T-Cote Rubber Roof Coating, Resists Cracking & Withstands Impact
12-9001Plas-T-Cote Alkyd Fibered
WS1434Weather Strip W/ Self Adhesive Back Foam Tape, ¼” X ¾” Wide, 45’ Rolls
WS1412Weather Strip W/ Self Adhesive Back Foam Tape, ¼” X ½” Wide, 45’ Rolls
rv tapes, sealant & roofing

Grease & Lubricants

723Mag 1 High-Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease, Multipurpose, Tube
MWBG14Mag 1 Blue Tube Marine Grease
47574Slide-Out Seal Conditioner
47573Slide-Out Lubricant
720Mag 1 High-Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease, Multipurpose, Canister
rv tapes, sealant & roofing

Valve & Level Gauge Cleaner

10-5021Drain Valve Lubricant, Works In Both Grey & Black Tanks, 591ml BottleLiquidThetford
10-5023Level gauge cleaner, dissolves waste, tissue, and soap scum, works in both grey & black tanks, 454g BottlePowderThetford
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