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Warehouse Locations

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The Trailer Canada trailer parts network consists of suppliers located across North America. We use the same part numbers as those suppliers in order to simplify the ordering process. In some cases, part numbers may differ depending on the part’s location but will have the same specifications as their contemporaries in different locations.

The supplier we use depends on where the customer is, which is why many parts come from different locations as well. Any quote will reflect the price from the supplier closest to you. When possible, we use the closest supplier to the customer in order to reduce any shipping costs.


For customers in Eastern Canada, we require a business location or business address in order to deliver to you. In that case, we need a corresponding business contact person with a phone number, complete address, and postal code.

We will send as tracking number or waybill number to you when possible for your shipment so that you can track your order. Please note that we are not responsible for loss or delay of your order once it has left Trailer Canada.

Your satisfaction with our products and services is our goal and we hope to serve you again in the future. Your business is greatly appreciated.

Trailer Canada Shipping Guidelines

Business Delivery for Ontario and Eastern Canada

For customers living in Ontario and Eastern Canada, we require a commercial business address for delivery to you.  If this applies to you, we will need a corresponding business contact person with a phone number and a complete address with postal code.

Residential Delivery

Trailer Canada can ship from the St. Paul location only Via Canada Post; major couriers, Greyhound and commercial carriers to you.

The postal service; major courier’s and Greyhound have weight and dimensional limits so for heavy shipments a common carrier may become necessary to move your order.  Greyhound residential delivery service from depot to customer is an added cost and depot to customer delivery service is not available in all locations.  Customers can pick up at the Greyhound depot in their delivery areas.

Please visit the Greyhound website to find out more about the services they provide in your area.

Common carriers do not always provide depot to residential delivery however customers can pick up at their local common carriers truck depot.

Warehouse Pickup

Customers can pick up at any of our warehouses provided items are paid for in advance.

Arrangements will be made for customers to pick up at the warehouses in their various locations through Trailer Canada and their affiliates.  Sufficient notice must be given by the customer so that the parts can be ready for pickup upon your arrival at the warehouse.

Notice regarding:  Transportation and Delivery of Axles

All Axles must be delivered by common carrier if delivery is requested.

Customers may pickup at a warehouse location if they wish.  An estimate of time needed for manufacture and delivery of axles and components will be given to the Customer at time of order.   We can estimate when the axles will be ready for pickup upon ordering the axles.  We will call you when your axles are being delivered or ready for pickup.

Payment Policies

Custom build products not limited to but including Trailers & Decks and non stocking trailer parts and RV parts & accessories, are subject to a non refundable deposit equal to 50% of the total cost is requested upon order.

Special ordered products such as axles are non refundable and non returnable so be sure that to follow proper instructions for measurement of your replacement axle or new build axle.

We will not take any responsibility on omissions or mistakes made in your order.  To ensure you order the correct axle, please view our how to video series available from our website on measuring spring and torsion axles.  There is also an axle quote form with a diagram available from this website that you can use to help insure accuracy.

Warranty Policies

We offer full manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturer’s warranty coverage’s vary with each manufacturer and is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If a claim is made regarding an apparent defect in material or workmanship, the purchaser must make available or return with the defective component or components to be evidenced visually by authorized personnel at Trailer Canada or where the manufacturer has specified. No refunds will be made without the consent of the manufacturer. Trailer Canada will work with our customer and the manufacturer to resolve any and all warranty related issues.


All sales on electrical parts and components are final and no returns will be accepted except when dealing with the manufacturer’s warranty. When dealing with the manufacturer’s warranty we will only accept returns to Trailer Canada when approved by the manufacturer.


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