We carry a number of toilet, fresh water, grey water, and black water chemicals, along with portable waste holding (“tote”) tanks. Popular brands include Captain Phab, Walex, Pure Power Blue, and Aqua-Kem 

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chemicals & accessories

Toilet Chemicals

28382Thetford Toilet Seal Conditioner, 20oz
36663Thetford Toilet Seal Lubricant, 20oz
27415Thetford Drain Valve Lubricant, 24oz
21308Thetford Aqua Foam RV Toilet Cleaner, 3PK
chemicals & accessories

Fresh Water Tank Chemicals

28380Thetford Fresh Water Tank Cleaner, Sanitizer, 24oz/Bottle
12-5003Captain Phab Purge Dry Tank Cleanser, Very Effective On A Wide Variety Of Stains & Odors, 16oz
812-48Captain Phab Drinking Water Freshener, 225g
41753Valterra Water Refresher, 8oz/Bottle
28011Valterra Drinking Water Freshener, Chlorine-Free, Non-Toxic, 12oz/Bottle
Grey Water Tank Chemicals

Grey Water Tank Chemicals

27414Thetford Grey Water Odor Control, 24oz/Bottle
27416Thetford Level Gauge Cleaner, 24oz/Bottle
24545Thetford Level Gauge Cleaner, 19oz/Bottle


chemicals & accessories

Black Water Tank Chemicals

20191Walex Bio-Active Treatment Waste & Tissue Digester, Reduces Scale Buildup In Plumbing Lines, Pipes, & Holding Tanks, 40oz/Bottle
20324Pure Power Blue Waste & Tissue Digester, Cleans & Lubes Valves, 100% Biodegradable, 32oz/Bottle
10-5128Pure Power Blue Drop-Ins, 12 Pack
28715Satellite Aqua-Toss In Waste & Tissue Digester, 12 Drop-In Packets
27104Thetford Tissue Digester, 19oz/Bottle
15844Thetford Waste Holding Tank Treatment Tissue Digester, 19oz/Bottle
V23002Valterra Blue Power Liquid Waste Digester & Odor Eliminator, 32oz/Bottle
20367Satellite T-5 Squeeze & Pour Toilet Treatment, 8oz/Bottle
27108Aqua-Kem Dri Holding Tank Deodorizer & Waste Digester, 20oz Packets
27401Aqua-Kem Liquid Holding Tank Deodorant, 6 X 237ml Bottles
28304Aqua-Kem Qt Powder Fresh  Waste & Tissue Digester, Eliminates Odors, 32oz/Bottle
28219Walex Bio-Pak Tank Deodorizer, Ideal For RVs, Boats, & Septic Tanks, 32g/Packet
BIO-72240Walex Holding Tank Treatment, 40oz/Bottle
36568Aqua-Kem Liquid Holding Tank Deodorizer & Waste Digester, 19oz/Bottle
20720Aqua-Kem Dry Holding Tank Deodorizer, 2oz/Packet
03106Aqua-Kem Liquid Holding Tank Deodorizer & Waste Digester, 8oz/Bottle
24545Thetford Level Gauge Cleaner, 19oz/Bottle
10-5047Commando Black Tank Cleaner, 4 Pack
chemicals & accessories

Portable Waste Holding Tanks

11-7002Portable Waste Holding Tank, 15 Gal., 2 Wheel
25607Portable Waste Holding Tank, 15 Gal., 2 Wheel
11-7007Portable Waste Holding Tank, 16 Gal., 4 Wheel
28492Portable Waste Holding Tank, 18 Gal., 4 Wheel
11-7003Portable Waste Holding Tank, 22 Gal., 4 Wheel
20123Portable Waste Holding Tank, 25 Gal., 4 Wheel
11-0704Portable Waste Holding Tank, 32 Gal., 4 Wheel
11-0709Portable Waste Holding Tank, 42 Gal., 4 Wheel
chemicals & accessories

Rv Starter Kits

11-1334Contains: 10’ Sewer Hose, Orange Power Drop-Ins, 10’ Drinking Water Hose, 15A Male to 30A Female Adapt., RV Wash and Wax, 1-ply Toilet Tissue (4/pack)
K88122Contains: 10’ Sewer Hose, 2 Toilet Treatments, 30/15 Amp Adapt, Bag of Disposable Gloves, 4 Pack of Toilet Tissue


Contains: 10’ Sewer Hose, 25’ Drinking Water Hose, 30/15A Adapt, 2 Toilet Treatment, 1 Roll of Toilet Tissue, Bag of Disposable Gloves
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