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Trailer Canada Inc., has been in business since 1990, operating in the same location at 5037 50th Avenue in St. Paul, Alberta, Canada.  We are located approximately two hours north-east of Edmonton, Alberta.

Our business has grown and changed since its inception as a used car business.  We have evolved into a trailer parts, RV trailer parts and trailer sales business.

We are committed to providing the best quality and service possible for our customers.  We work diligently to meet the ever- present challenges of our industry.  We provide our customers updated information on products and services and we engage with our suppliers and distributors to reduce the end cost to our customers.

Our business philosophy translates into treating our customers from every walk of life fairly; with honesty and respect.

We are confident and positive about the future of our business dealings with you wherever you may be.



Welcome to our New Website

As President of Trailer Canada it pleases me that we can offer an enhanced and more user friendly experience to you our customer.  We have expanded the range of products offered and we now include a full Trailer RV parts section.  Navigation is simple; once you find the category you are seeking simply hover over the part number and click on it to add to your “Your Saved Parts”.  On mobile device look for the + sign, click on it to add parts to “Your Saved Parts”.  If you wish to receive a quote click on “Request Quote” below and we will send you a quote.

Many hours of work and over a year in the making has resulted in website that is designed to supply you with your trailer parts as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

I would like to thank our own Trailer Canada graphics and technical teams, as well as our staff for their engagement and work to the completion of the new website.  Your dedication and commitment has made this project a success.  I would also like to recognize the incredible support we have received from our many Suppliers; distributors, manufacturers; their agents including sales; marketing and technical personnel for their important contributions.

We thank you, our customer for your past and present support; as we move forward we are committed to serving you even better in the future.

Bienvenue au site Trailer Canada

Comme Président je suis content d’annoncer l’arrivée de notre nouveau site afin de renforcer votre expérience avec un service convivial.  Nous sommes confiants que vous allez trouver le changement positif et moderne.  Nous avons élargi la gamme de produits et nous incluons des pièces complètes pour les remorques.  Nous avons développé un système pour faire les achats plus faciles et rentables.

La navigation est simple; trouvez la catégorie que vous désirez,  cliquez sur le numéro de votre sélection et ajoutez à « Your Saved Parts ». Sur votre appareil mobile, cherchez le signe + ce qui indique votre sélection.  Cliquez sur + pour ajouter les pièces a « Your Saved Parts ».

Si vous souhaitez recevoir un devis, après avoir fait les choix, sélectionnez « Request Quote » et nous vous enverrons un devis.

J’aimerais remercier le personnel de Trailer Canada qui travaille en graphique, les techniciens et nos employés.  Le succès du projet dépend sure l’engagement et le dévouement du personnelle au travaille.  J’aimerais aussi reconnaitre et remercier notre fournisseur en toutes façons.  Nous avons reçu laide avec l’information; commercialisation et les défis techniques.

Finalement j’aimerais remercier nos clients qui nous ont supportes au passe et qui continuent à nous supporter.  Nous nous engageons à vous servir mieux dans l’avenir.


Ronald J Belzil

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