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Trailer Canada Camping
Whether you are camping in the Shuswap, Northern Alberta or on the Canadian Shield, Trailer Canada’s got you covered. We have full access to the Canadian lines of Coleman, Gerber, Camp Chef, Crosman, and Dorcy. So, no matter if you are sitting beside your 40’ RV or backpacking in the Canadian Rockies, you can rely on us to get you the equipment and gear you need to make any camping adventure an experience to remember.
For information for Gerber, Crosman and Dorcy, contact us by phone or email.


Coleman has been around for over 100 years and has one of the most trusted names in the camping industry since the 1950’s.
From lanterns to coolers, if it’s Coleman, we can get it.
Coleman Lanterns


2000023099 Shatter Resistant Globe, Adjustable Brightness, Porcelain Ventilator, 3000 Lumens, Works on 16.4-OZ Propane Cylinder
3000004535Adjustable Brightness, Metal Globe Protector, Filter Funnel, 1138 Lumens, Dual Fuel (2PT of Coleman Fuel or Unleaded Gasoline)
2000026389Adjustable Brightness, Metal Globe Protector, 2-Mantles, 1700 Lumens, Works on 16.4-OZ Propane Cylinder
2000026392Adjustable Brightness, Metal Guard, Chain Handle, Compact, 273 Lumens, Works on 16.4-OZ Propane Cylinder
2000026393Adjustable Brightness, Base with Foldable Feet, Match Lite, Porcelain Ventilator, Works on 16.4-OZ Propane Cylinder 
2000002241Adjustable Brightness, Metal Guard, c/w Carry Case, 1540 Lumens, Works on 16.4-OZ Propane Cylinder
Coleman Lantern Accessories

Lantern Accessories

3000004347Hard Shell Carry Case
2000026607Insta-Clip Metal Tabbed Mantle, Standard Size
3000004345String Tied Mantle, Standard Size
2000026611Standard Shape Globe
**When ordering replacement parts for lanterns we need to know the model number of the lantern the parts are being replaced on.
Repair Parts For Lanterns

Repair Parts For Lanterns





# 21 Insta-Clip 2 Standard Mantle – Fits Models 286, 288, 5155, 5159

# 21 Standard Tie Mantle – Fits Models 200, 220, 286, 288, 290, 5150, 5151, 5152, 5153, 5154, 5159, 5428


# 11 Standard Tie Mantle – Fits Models 206, 236, 237, 333, 555, 621, 635 and 639

# 20 Standard Tie Mantle – Fits Models 222, 226, 229, 3022


# 99 Standard Tie Mantle – Fits Models 200, 242, 320, 321, 325, 5419


#21 Insta-Clip 2 Accordion Tube Mantle – Fits Models  2000, 2500 and 2600 series

# 51 Slip-on Rosette Mantle – Fits Models 3018, 3022, 3023, 3112, 5130, 5132, 5133, 5134, 5136



#4 Fits Models 286, 288, 321, 325, 335, 5151, 5152, 5153, 5154, 5159, 5417, 5419, 5428, 5429 (replaces 335-0481)

#2 Globe – Fits Models 222, 226, 5130, 5133, 5134, 5136, 5414


Clear Globe – Fits Models 220, 228, 235, 290, 295 and 2600

Clear Globe – Fits NorthStar 2500 Lantern


Clear Globe – Fits models 200, 242

Clear Globe – Fits models 285 and 5114


Clear Globe for Elite Lantern

Clear Globe for Elite Lantern


Globe – Fits Model 5132-700C Compact Lantern

Coleman Battery Operated Lighting

Battery-Operated Lighting

2000022328Carabiner Handle, Impact Resistant, 4 Light Settings, Up To 550 Lumens
2000025510Carabiner Handle, Impact Resistant, 4 Light Settings, Up To 550 Lumens, Rechargeable Lithium Battery, USB Charging Port
2000022331Carabiner Handle, Collapses For Storage, 650 Lumens
Camp Stoves

Camp Stoves

20000273552 Burner Duel Fuel, 20 000 BTU, Match Light, Wind Block Panels Fold Down As Shelves, Runs On 3.5 Of Coleman Liquid Fuel Or Gasoline
20000174582 Burner, 24,000BTU, Matchless Lighting, Runs On 16.4-OZ Propane Cylinder
20000209792 Burner 22,000BTU Match Light, Wind Block, Runs On 16.4-OZ Propane Cylinder
Coleman Coffee Maker

Coffee Makers

2000015167Drip Brew Coffee Maker, Works With Stove, Pause And Serve Feature
20000209425,000Btu 10 Cup Coffee Maker, Pause And Serve Feature, Runs On 16.4-OZ Propane Cylinder
Coleman Grills


2000012521NXT 300, 20,000BTU 2 Burner, 339sq In Cooking Space, Matchless Ignition, 2 Stainless Steel Side Tables, Collapsible With Wheels, Built In Thermometer, Underglow Lighting On Control Panel
2000014018NXT Lite, 8500BTU, 168sq In Cooking Space, Matchless Lighting, Steel Side Table, Collapsible With Wheels, Built In Thermometer
2000014017NXT Lite Tabletop, 8500BTU, 168sq In Cooking Space, Matchless Lighting, Removable Grease Tray, Secure Latch And Carry Handle
Coleman Tents


2000026054Sundome 3-Person Tent, 4’ 4” Tall 7’ X 7’ Wide
2000024145Longs Peak 4-Person Tent, 4’11’’ Tall  7’ X 7’ Wide
2000022459Tenaya Lake 8-Person Tent, 6’8” Tall 13’ X 9’ Wide, Fast Pitch with Closet
2000005014Weathermaster 10-Person Tent, 6’ 8” Tall 17’ X  9’
Camping Essentials

Camping Essentials

200000576954” X 84” Tablecloth
2000005771Stainless Steel Tablecloth Clamps
2000023778Mosquito Coil Holder, Hold Coils Firmly And Safely
2000010915Mosquito Sticks, Stick In The Ground And Light
200001486210 Mosquito Coils And 2 Stands
2000016385Collapsible Deluxe Cooking Fork, 40” When Fully Assembled
2000016423Family Cookset, Durable Steel Construction, Non Stick, 10” Frying Pan, 6.9QT Stock Pot, 2QT Saucepan 
200001640724 Piece Enamelware Dish Set and Flatware
2000016427Melamine Family Dishware, 12pc
20000164309-Cup Enamel Percolator, Dishwasher Safe


This is just a small sample of the Coleman products available to us.
We have access to the full Canadian Coleman line as well as Coleman repair parts.
Call us in-store for more details.
Camp Chef


For over 25 years, Camp-Chef has offered quality outdoor cooking equipment for all of your outdoor cooking needs.
From the backcountry to your back patio, from grills to ovens to smokers, we have a full line of Canadian products for every situation!
Camp Chef Grill

Cooking Systems

SB30D14”X 16.5” Cooking Grate (231” Cooking Surface), 1 Cast Aluminium Burner, Folding Side Shelf
DB60D14”X 32” Cooking Grate (448” Cooking Surface), 2 Cast-Aluminum 30,000 BTU Burners, Matchless Ignition, 3 Sided Windscreen, Folding Side Shelves, Deluxe Folding Legs
EX90LW14”X 49” Cooking Grate ( 686” Cooking Surface), 3 Cast-Aluminium Burners, Removable Adjustable Legs
Camp Chef Accessories

Cooking Accessories

BB30LBBQ Grill Box 14”X16”, True Seasoned Finish Cast Iron Coat, Latch Lock On Lid, Built In Temperature Gauge
BB60XBBQ Grill Box 14”X 32”, True Seasoned Finish Cast Iron Coat, Latch Lock On Lid, Built In Temperature Gauge
SG3014”X16” Flat Top Griddle
SG6014”X16” Flat Top Griddle
60068Magic Chef Stove Grommets, Specially Sized For Magic Chef Brand Grates, Pkg Of 4
04-7009Magic Chef Grommets, Pk Of 4
This is just another small representation of Camp Chef line that we carry, and we have access to the full Canadian line.
For more details call us in store or send us an email.

Camp Casual

Camp Casual’s mission is simple: they are dedicated to bringing re-imagined retro inspired items to camping and RV enthusiasts everywhere.
Camp Casual

12 Piece Dish Set

03-126811″ Plates (4), 6″ Bowls (4), 8.5″ Salad Plates (4)
Portable BBQ

Portable BBQ

BM665815Martin Portable BBQ, 14,000BTU, 61x37cm
06-0641Kay Home BBQ Grill, Propane, Tabletop, 10,000 BTU, 11x15in
Max Heat

Max-Heat Portable Heater

BM112200Portable Propane Heater, 7,000BTU, 11.41″ x 14.96″ x 7.06″
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