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  Antique Vehicle & Farm Equipment Appraisal Services

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Office Location - 5037-50th Avenue, P.O. Box 130 , St. Paul , AB. T0A 3A0

Ron Belzil with client and his 1983 Porsche


Providing Appraisal Services since 1990

Ron Belzil (principal appraiser) is qualified and in good standing by The Zurich, Oxford, Co-operators Insurance Companies, Crawford's of Canada, Lindsey & Morden Claim Services, insurance adjusters, Orville T.G. Morrow, Lawrence, Lamoureux & Culham to name a few and provides Vehicle/Antique vehicle, Recreational vehicle, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, and farm equipment valuation services.

Appraisal Fee Schedule


We will provide you with a detailed description of the work completed and a logical accounting of billing as presented on your invoice. Anticipated expenses due to extraordinary findings will be communicated to your office prior to action being undertaken. Following is my rate schedule*:

FARM EQUIPMENT VALUATION (two hour minimum) $58.00/hour (Includes all time spent on appraisal as well as travel time, Interviews, court appearances, etc.)



MILEAGE $0.44/km.

PHOTOGRAPHS as incurred (includes images taken and saved in CD format)



A. Current models (stock***) up to five years old $95.00.
    Extra Charge for images on CD $15.00

B. Older vehicles (stock***) Model years: 1981-2001 inclusive $150.00
    Images included

C. Vintage vehicles (stock***) Model years: 1951-1980 inclusive $150.00
    Images included

D. Antique vehicles including models before and including 1950 models $150.00
    Images included

E. Customized vehicles (all model years****) $150.00
    Images included


* Add Applicable taxes. Rates subject to change

** Client delivers the vehicle to the business location of Complete Appraisal services.

*** "Stock" defined as follows: the vehicle must be presented, as it was intended when it was originally produced. This includes presenting the original manufacturer's style, specifications and options or as authentically original as possible so as to have no doubt as to the intent of the restorer.

**** "Customized" defined as follows: A vehicle that has been altered significantly or changed in any way from the original production model. Customization can include but is not limited to customized paint, modified suspensions, modified wheels and or tires, modified engines, transmissions, differentials, modified braking systems, performance enhanced engine control modules (E.C.M.), programmable engine management systems, customized body works, additions or deletion of interior or exterior trim, bright finish or stainless parts and includes all accessories not considered to be stock items.

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